Welcome to the Mathematics Outreach Project blog. Here are links to my other blogs:

Devlin’s Angle for the Mathematical Association of America. This monthly blog (edited by the MAA) began in January 1996, and has run on several platforms. You can access the complete archives through to December 2018 at:
Jan 1993 – Dec 2003
Jan 2004 – Jul 2013
Aug 2013 – Dec 2018

profkeithdevlin.org, my personal mathematical blog. Last updated in 2016, but it’s math stuff so hardly anything is out-of-date, and now I am officially retired I expect to have more time to do things that could be reported there!

MOOCtalk.org, the blog I kept when I was actively involved in Stanford’s famous MOOC experiment, starting in 2012. I leave this up as a record of that fascinating period in the development of online education.

Huff Post. I’ve more or less stopped writing articles for the Huff Post (formerly called the Huffington Post), but some of those posts are still doing the rounds on social media.

The Math Guy. It’s a radio show, not a blog, but my occasional chats with host Scott Simon on National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition Saturday” are all linked on this page. Unfortunately, some of the earlier recordings are in a file format that doesn’t play on today’s platforms. To compensate, here is a live interview I did with Scott at the Museum of Mathematics Gala in New York City in 2017.

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