Recent articles from the Mathematics Outreach Project

All The Mathematical Methods I Learned In My University Math Degree Became Obsolete In My Lifetime, viral opinion piece I wrote for the Huffington Post (as it was then called) on January 1, 2017.

Number Sense: the most important mathematical concept in 21st Century K-12 education, co-published follow-up Huffington Post article to the one cited above.

How technology has changed what it means to think mathematically, chapter in Marcel Danesi (Ed), Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Mathematical Cognition, Chapter 3, Springer Verlag, pp.53-78, September 2019.

Creating an educational tool that uses interactive representations to provide a new approach to mathematics learning, (by invitation) in Engelbrecht, J., Llinares, S. & Borba, M. (editors), “Online mathematics education and e-learning”, special issue of ZDM Mathematics Education, Vol.52, No.5, 2021 (to appear), 17 pages.