One of the goals of the Mathematics Outreach Project is the production of videos about mathematics and its role in society. Some will be expository, others interviews. They will all appear on this page.

THE BLUE NOTEPAD VIDEOSA series of expository videos describing how the pros do mathematics today, and exploring the implications for mathematics education
1. How Today’s Mathematics Professionals “Do the Math”Video #1 in the Blue Notepad Videos series “Mathematics in Today’s World”. 26min 40sec.
2. Does Anyone Ever Use This Stuff?Video #2 in the Blue Notepad Videos series “Mathematics in Today’s World”. 27min 44sec.
3. Mathematical ThinkingVideo #3 in the Blue Notepad Videos series “Mathematics in Today’s World”. 25min 47sec.
LEGACY VIDEOSSome videos from the recent past that are relevant to the project.
What mathematics do people really need?My presentation at the Math for the 21st Century summit hosted by the Fondation Helvetica Educatio in Geneva, Switzerland, May 25, 2018.
Run time 28mins.
Breaking the Symbol BarrierMy Flash Talk at the AAAS Annual Meeting in Boston, MA, on February 28, 2017.
Run time 18min 40sec.
Orchestras for LearningMy featured address at the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Teaching & Learning Conference 2014, held in Washington D.C., March 14-15, 2014. Run time 21mins.
Life by the NumbersThe award-winning, six-part, 1998 PBS television series, hosted by movie-star Danny Glover. Total run time 6 hours. This series was a major inspiration for SUMOP.
Mathematics for Human FlourishingFrancis Su’s inspiring Retiring Mathematical Association of America Presidential Address at the AMS-MAA Joint Winter Meetings on January 6, 2017. Video, audio, and text available.
Keeping Our Eyes on the PrizeUri Treisman’s powerful Iris M. Carl Equity Address at the NCTM Annual Conference on April 19, 2013.